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RS 367: Religion and Politics in the 21st Century


Steven W. Patterson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Philosophy and Religious Studies Dept.,
Marygrove College. Office Phone: 313-927-1539
Departmental Phone: 313-927-1556
e-mail: ude.evorgyram|nosrettaps#ude.evorgyram|nosrettaps
Office: 346 Madame Cadillac Hall
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Fridays, 1200-1500, room TBA

Credit Hours



Introductory course(s) in social science and religious studies; ENG 108, LS 105

Credit Information

This course counts towards fulfillment of the requirements for the Religious Studies major. See the course catalog or your academic advisor for more details.

Catalog Description

With an initial focus on the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and its changing application over the last few decades, this course explores the relationships between religion and politics in the USA as well as in other cultures and societies.

Required Texts

1. Richard Wolterstorrff and Robert Audi, Religion in the Public Square , Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (December 1996) ISBN-10: 0847683419 ISBN-13: 978-0847683413 ($28.17 new)

2. Kent Greenawalt, Religious Convictions and Political Choice , Oxford University Press, USA (May 9, 1991) ISBN-10: 0195067797 ISBN-13: 978-0195067798 ($50.00 new)

  • You are advised to get the best possible deal on used textbooks for this class. If you order online, please be sure to check the ISBN so as to get the correct edition of the books.
  • Additional readings will be made available either online through the course plan or via the library‚Äôs resources. Consult the course plan for more information.

Please note: While no other books are required for purchase, it is strongly recommended that you obtain or secure access to a collegiate level dictionary and thesaurus (I recommend the handy combination of both in the Oxford Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus, American Edition, ISBN 0-19-513097-9), and a style manual for written English such as the classic Elements of Style by Strunk and White (Fourth Edition, Allyn & Bacon, ISBN 0-205-30902) Regular access to and use of such references will be assumed.

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