Review Questions For Zhu Xi

1. How did interaction with Daoism change the face of Chinese Buddhism? Explain Zhuangzi’s image of the mind of the sage being like a mirror.

2. How did Zhu Xi reinterpret Mengzi’s notion of the “sprouts” of goodness? How does this play into your author’s characterization of Zhu Xi’s model as a recovery model of moral self-cultivation?

3. The notions of li and qi are central to Zhu Xi’s thought. Explain li and qi, and how they are supposed to interact in Zhu Xi’s metaphysics, in as much detail as you can.

4. Describe in detail the two steps of Zhu Xi’s recovery model. What unites the two steps?

5. Describe Zhu Xi’s model of learning. In what ways is it like and in what ways is it unlike, the liberal arts education you are pursuing at the collegiate level? Support your answer.

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