Review Questions For Xunzi

1. What fundamental philosophical difference did Xunzi have with Mengzi? What similarities between their positions does your author point out?

2. For what reasons does your author reject Dubs’s interpretation of Xunzi’s fundamental stance on human nature?

3. What elements of Xunzi’s position on moral self-cultivation support your author’s contention that Xunzi’s is a re-formational model? Make sure in your answer to touch on Xunzi’s use of the term wei.

4. Your author compares morality and literary appreciation in order to describe Xunzi’s thinking about morality. In what ways are these two alike? Contrast what this comparison says about morality with Mengzi’s agricultural metaphors. Which philosopher do you find more convincing at this point? Why?

5. Your author claims that Xunzi is optimistic about human nature. What features of Xunzi’s moral philosophy support this reading?

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