Review Questions For Williams pp. 30-41
  1. How does Carolyn define freedom? Why does she define it that way? Do you think her definition is a good one? Why or why not?

  2. Frederick argues that Carolyn’s sense of freedom is not genuine freedom. Summarize Frederick’s argument from unconscious determinism against Carolyn’s definition of freedom.

  3. In place of Carolyn’s definition of freedom Frederick proposes a definition that depends upon our actions being uncaused. Explain Frederick’s definition.

  4. Carolyn objects to Frederick’s definition of freedom by assimilating being uncaused in his sense to happening by chance. How, exactly, is her objection supposed to undermine Frederick’s definition of freedom? How does Frederick respond to her argument?

  5. Frederick’s next major argument against Carolyn’s compatibilist position is the “before birth” argument. Give and explain this argument. How does Carolyn reply to it? In your view, is her reply adequate to answer the objection? Why or why not?
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