Review Questions For Williams pp. 17-30
  1. Why does Frederick think that deliberation provides evidence of free will? What is Daniel’s initial objection to his argument? How does Frederick respond?

  2. After giving the counter-example of the hypnotist, Daniel suggests that Frederick is caught in a dilemma. Describe this dilemma in detail, and explain why it is a problem for Frederick’s position.

  3. Frederick’s second major argument is based on the idea that introspection proves that we have free will. Why does Frederick think this? How does Daniel bring back the hypnotist counter-example to respond to Frederick’s argument from introspection?

  4. Carolyn argues that our having free will is compatible with determinism. Her case turns crucially on what she thinks our intuition that we could act differently implies. When we have this intuition, on her account, what do we intuit and what don’t we intuit?
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