Review Questions For Williams pp. 1-17
  1. How does Carolyn define determinism? What main three questions does she pick out as important to the debate, and how does she relate the different positions in that debate to answering “yes” or “no” to them?

  2. How does Daniel describe his position at the bottom of page 4? Briefly recount the argument Carolyn gives in support of this view on page 5.

  3. Why does Frederick think that quantum physics provides evidence against determinism? How does Daniel respond to Frederick on this point? Do you find his response adequate to answer Frederick’s objection? Why or why not?

  4. Throughout pages 11-17 Frederick and Daniel debate whether or not determinism is an empirical theory. Why is this an important question for determinism?

  5. Under what conditions does Daniel admit that we would have to find the determinist position unlikely? Daniel, of course, thinks that these conditions do not hold. This leads to Frederick’s charging him with inconsistency. How does Daniel respond? Critically evaluate Daniel’s reply to Frederick’s charge.
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