Review Questions For Rosenberg Pp 13 24
  1. When Justin enters the conversation, Skip and Gemma summarize each other's positions. Recount these summaries, explaining how their different conceptions of what it means to be certain figures into their respective positions.
  2. Justin seems to think that Skip and Gemma's dispute is only about how to use certain words. This is a mistake, as Skip points out in his long passage on on page 14. How does Skip characterize the heart of the disagreement between himself and Gemma?
  3. The first conversation ends with Skip’s lottery example. What is the lottery example intended to show? How do Justin and Gemma respond to the example?

  4. The second conversation begins with Justin’s first answer to the lottery paradox. Explain this answer. How is Skip’s example of the “stolen car lottery” intended to answer Justin’s argument against the lottery paradox?

  5. On page 22 Justin introduces the concept of justification. Summarize and explain his initial characterization of this concept.
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