Review Questions on Nussbaum

1. Is Aristotle a relativist, according to Nussbaum? Why or why not?

2. Briefly recount Nussbaum’s description of the Aristotelian method of “thin and thick” accounts or explanations. How, according to Nussbaum, does Aristotle deploy this method in his ethical studies?

3. Briefly recount the first of the three objections to Aristotelian Virtue Ethics addressed by Martha Nussbaum, and then describe how she answers that objection.

4. The second objection taken on by Nussbaum involves a specific contention about the very project of making normative ethical judgments. Where have you come across views like this before in this class? Use what you already know of such views to critically assess this objection, as well as Nussbaum’s answer to it.

5. What is the third objection to Aristotelian Virtue Ethics mentioned by Nussbaum? How does she answer it? Do you agree with her handling of the objection? Why or why not?

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