Review Questions For Mengzi

1. Mengzi’s philosophy addressed both that of Mozi and Yang Zhu. Summarize the philosophical positions of both Mozi and Yang Zhu as your author gives them.

2. How did Mengzi see his philosophy as the endpoint of a natural progression from the philosophies of Mozi and Yang Zhu?

3. Name all four of Mengzi’s “nascent moral senses”. Why did he call them “sprouts”? How does the notion of “give-away” actions support this way of thinking about the moral senses?

4. Explain Mengzi’s conception of xin in detail.

5. For what reasons did Mengzi believe that moral actions cause joy for the person that does them? What role does this joy play in our moral development, on his view?

6. Summarize your author’s description of Mengzi’s agricultural metaphors for moral self-cultivation. How does Mengzi’s use of such metaphors support your author’s contention that Mengzi’s is a developmental model of moral self-cultivation? Give a commentary on this model. Do you find it realistic? Why or why not?

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