Review Questions For Melchert pp. 68-82
  1. Peter offers the first substantial objection to Anita’s view. Give the objection, and Anita’s answer to it.

  2. Describe Anita’s “pragmatic fallibilism” and how it differs from relativism. How is it, according to Anita, that some interests are better than others?

  3. Anita argues that our deepest interests involve “human flourishing”. Explain this notion. What objection does Peter raise to it? How does Anita respond to the objection?

  4. Elizabeth offers a Socratic position to the group. In the course of describing her position, she calls the idea that something can be “true-for-me” cowardly. Why does she think this?

  5. Summarize the case Elizabeth makes against Peter’s form of relativism on page 76.

  6. How, according to Elizabeth, is relativism egocentric? How, in her terms, do people become “saved souls”?

  7. Why does Elizabeth think that relativism is a poor strategy for dealing with ethnocentrism?
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