Review Questions For Melchert pp. 53-68
  1. Michael begins the third conversation by attempting to answer Peter’s charge that science is just one among many ideologies. Summarize Michael’s argument against this view of science.

  2. Peter’s reply to Michael turns on the existence of disagreement and change in belief over time among scientists. How does Michael respond to Peter’s challenge?

  3. Peter also raises an objection based on what it means for science to ‘work’. Explain this objection and Michael’s reply to it. 

  4. What does Peter mean when he characterizes science as a “social system”? Why does Peter see this as a serious challenge to Michael’s view? How does Michael answer this challenge. (Note: Sam’s summary of Michael’s view on page 62 may be helpful to you in understanding Michael’s reply to Peter.)

  5. After the discussion of science the focus turns once again to Peter’s view. Anita begins her line of inquiry into Peter’s position by summarizing it. Note this summary. Anita’s first objection to Peter’s view is that it “plays the reflexive card”. What does she mean by this? 

  6. Anita’s second objection to Peter’s view occupies pp. 64-65. Summarize the main points of this objection.

  7. As best you can, describe Anita’s own view as she develops it over pp. 66-68.
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