Review Questions For Melchert pp. 25-39
  1. Fred begins the dialogue by shifting his position from one of individual relativism to one of cultural relativism. What is the difference between these positions? How is cultural relativism different from law?

  2. Anita raises four questions to Fred’s new postion. What are these questions? How does Fred attempt to answer them? Is he ultimately successful in salvaging his position?

  3. How does Peter describe Fred’s new position? What does he see as right with it? What does he see as mistaken with it? 

  4. Summarize Peter’s description of his own position on pp.30-32. How does he intend the example of Sam’s and Michael’s differences over religion to illustrate his position with respect to standards of belief?

  5. What first objection does Elizabeth raise to Peter’s view? How does Peter answer her objection? Anita is also skeptical of Peter’s position. How does he address her skepticism?

  6. Note the summary of Peter’s view that Anita gives on page 37. What does he mean when he says that all our theories and explanations about the world are “underdetermined” by the evidence?

  7. Peter attempts to make his point about “underdetermination” clear through an example involving the conductivity of copper. How do Anita, Michael, and Elizabeth answer the example?
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