Review Questions For Melchert pp. 14-24
  1. Peter attempts to help Fred reply to the criticism that grows from Sam’s example. What modification to Fred’s position does he suggest? Explain Anita’s two responses (from ethnocentrism and from paralysis) to the modified position.

  2. Recount Michael’s elaboration of the problem with Fred’s view. What “tough spot” does he see the relativist in at this point? How does Fred respond to Michael’s description of his position?

  3. Peter jumps in again to help Fred. What alternative approach to Sam’s example does he suggest? How does Anita characterize the alternative picture of morality Peter suggests? What further point about rhetoric emerges from Elizabeth’s comments on this alternative?

  4. Michael’s first remark on page 18 summarizes a key objection to the sort of relativism Fred proposes. Copy down and explain this objection. 

  5. Fred tries to evade the objection mentioned above by saying that relativism is “true for him” Summarize the reply to this objection as it is given by Anita, Michael and Sam.

  6. Peter raises the objection that much harm has been done by those who have been absolutists about their values. Explain absolutism about value as it is described here. 

  7. Peter’s objection lumps together the positions of believing that there are objective values and of being an absolutist about one’s values. How do Elizabeth and Michael respond to Peter’s objection?
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