Review Questions For Melchert pp. 1-14
  1. Give Sam’s description of moral relativism. How is it different from Peter’s description of relativism about what people believe? Which one do they agree to discuss first?

  2. Recount in detail Fred’s first argument for moral relativism. What is the first objection to this argument raised by Sam, and how does Fred attempt to answer it?

  3. Give Michael’s objection to Fred’s argument. How does Fred reply to this objection? 

  4. On pages 10-11 Fred, Sam and Anita have an exchange about the possiblity of objectivity. How does Anita sum up the different positions in this exchange?

  5. Sam’s example of drilling the child’s tooth is meant to be a reply to Fred’s position on objectivity in moral judgments. Give the example and explain how it is supposed to refute Fred’s position. (You may want to draw on Michael’s and Anita’s reactions to the example in your answer.)
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