Review Questions For Kant Set 1
  1. With what question would Kant have those occupied with the study of metaphysics begin their investigation?
  2. Summarize the comparison Kant makes between metaphysics and science. (It is well worth knowing that the original title of this work was: A Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics that Wishes to Come Forward as a Science!)
  3. What debt does Kant feel he owes to the work of David Hume? In brief, what does he think Hume got right? What does he think that Hume got wrong?
  4. What candidates does Kant rule out as possible sources of metaphysics and why?
  5. Summarize, as best you can, the difference between analytic and synthetic judgments as Kant lays it out in the Preamble. What kinds of judgments belong in each category?
  6. Into what four sub-questions does Kant divide the general question? Does it strike you as odd that the question about metaphysics is placed in the same category as the other three? Why or why not?
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