Review Questions For Hobbes Set 2
  1. Why, according to Hobbes, do men form commonwealths?
  2. Recount Hobbes’s case as to why a commonwealth is the only way to escape the disadvantages of the state of war.
  3. Chapter 18 contains an extensive explanation of 12 rights retained by the sovereign. List those twelve rights.
  4. Chapter 19 contains Hobbes’s case for monarchy as the best form of commonwealth, which he gives by listing six of its primary advantages. List these six advantages, and say whether or not you find Hobbes’s case convincing.
  5. How does Hobbes define liberty, and how does he define what it is to be a free person at the beginning of Chapter 21?
  6. What fault does Hobbes find with those who protest for greater freedom in the commonwealth? To what sources does he charge the misunderstandings of such persons?
  7. What fault does Hobbes find with Greek and Roman writers on freedom?
  8. What rights, if any, does Hobbes allow private citizens to retain in the commonwealth?
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