Review Questions For Galileo
  1. How does Galileo criticize the Periapetetics (Aristotelians) of his day? (Note: This criticism is implicit in Sagredo's story of the doctors near the beginning of the Second Day)
  2. Simplicio replies to Sagredo's story by arguing that Aristotle's greatness is such that one cannot reject the authority of Aristotle's texts on the basis of mere perceptions. How does Sagredo respond?
  3. How, according to Salvati, do followers of Aristotle do Aristotle a disservice?
  4. What principle does Salvati propose for determining the question of whether the earth moves or is stationary in the heavens? Why does he think the earth does not move? What objection does Sagredo immediately raise for his account?
  5. Recount Salvati's example of the goods on the ship. What point is this example supposed to support? How does it support his contention that the earth does not move?
  6. Recount the line of reasoning in the exchange between Simplicio and Sagredo that brings Sagredo to see the earth as the primum mobile (first mover) as the most efficient answer to the problem of whether the earth moves or not.
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