Review Questions For Descartes: Forematter To Mediations

Letter of Dedication

1. In his Letter of Dedication to the Doctors of the Sorbonne, Descartes gives his motivation for using philosophical rather than theological motivations to prove the existence of God and the distinction between body and soul. What his is motivation and how does he describe it?

2. Descartes compares his method in the Meditations to that of Geometry. What similarities does he point out, and what kind of mind does he think the reader must have in order to understand his arguments?

Preface to the Reader

3. In the preface Descartes makes reference to two other works of his. What are they, and what general subject matters do they cover?


4. Briefly summarize Descartes’s account of what arguments he will advance and what claims he will establish in each meditation.

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