Review Questions For 5.1

1. Nyaya metaphysics has at it’s core a system of categories. List these categories and give an example of your own parallel to that the author gives of cow swishing her tail that applies these categories.

2. What two kinds of substances are there, according to Nyaya? How are they different? What does it mean for a substance to be simple in Nyaya metaphysics?

3. What are qualities and motions? How do they relate to substances? Does this relationship occur between any other elements of the Nyaya analysis?

4. What are individuators? What work do they do in the schema of Nyaya metaphysics?

5. Describe in detail the problem of one over many. How does Nyaya metaphysics solve this problem?

6. An interesting ingredient of Nyaya metaphysics is the concept of absence. Describe this concept and what work it does in the Nyaya system.

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