Review Questions For 2.3-2.4

1. Section 2.3 begins with a discussion of the Second Noble Truth. What is the Second Noble Truth? Recount Siderits’s summary of logic behind the Buddhist account of how suffering arises.

2. The Third Noble Truth holds that suffering has an end, and the Fourth Noble Truth holds that the end of suffering is the Noble Eightfold Path. What is the Noble Eightfold Path? Describe each aspect of it in detail. Take special note of the role that philosophy is supposed to play.

3. What is, in your author’s estimation, the key to the understanding of suffering for Buddhists?

4. What is enlightenment? What is nirvana? How does the doctrine of karma and rebirth figure into the account of these concepts?

5. Explain the “paradox of liberation” in detail. What strategies does your author suggest might prove fruitful in resolving the paradox? Which of these strikes you as most promising? Support your choice with a few clear reasons in its favor.

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