Questions For Exam 2


  • On the day of the test, your question will be chosen at random.
  • You will have approximately 8 minutes to answer.
  • You will be graded according to your comprehension, focus, fluidity, correct use of technical vocabulary, and overall composure according to the oral exam rubric.
  • While others are speaking you will be evaluating them anonymously on a grading sheet that you will turn in to the instructor at the end of the exam period.
  • ALL persons scheduled to take their exam on a given day should show up at 10:30 AM and remain quietly until it is their turn to take the test.
  • Being late and other distracting behaviors will harm the performance of the person taking the test. All such behaviors are unacceptable and will result in according deductions from the test score, up to and including failure for serious distractions.
  • No late or make up exams will be given.

The Questions

1. Describe the Five Relationships of Confucianism and how they shape human life.

2. Describe the principals of li and ren. How are these principles related?

3. In what ways do nature and natural processes serve as an inspiration for Daoist philosophy? Relate the daoist concept of wei wu wei to their thought about nature.

4. Explain the ideal of the Sage in Confucianism and in Daoism. In what ways are the ideals alike? In what ways are they different?

5. Explain how the version of Neo-Confucianism (daoxue) expounded by the Cheng brothers and Zhu Xi combines elements of earlier forms of Confucianism, Daoism, and Chinese Buddhism.

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