PHL 370 Honors Project

Project Description

For this honors project we will read and discuss the book Nudge, by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein. This wiki page will be the medium of our discussion. Our focus will be on parts I, IV, and V.

Project Requirements

  1. Honors students will need to acquire a copy of the book either by purchase or by inter-library loan as soon as possible.
  2. Each student will be required to post a short reflection each chapter, and to respond to the contributions of others on a regular basis using the comment function. Reflections can include questions for the instructor or the group. We may schedule meetings as well if it becomes necessary to do so.
  3. No later than Wednesday of finals week, students in the honors section will turn in a short, 3-5 page paper on a subject each student will choose for herself in conjunction with the instructor. Paper topics emerging from our discussion here are particularly encouraged.


Grading for the honors section shall be as follows:
Participation in discussions on this page shall count for 15% of the paper grade. The paper grade itself shall be factored into the student's paper grade for the course as written in the syllabus.

Book Discussion

Nudge, Part I

Nudge, Part IV

Nudge, Part V

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