Phl 276 Quiz 6


1. Go to QUIZ 6 online

2. Login using the same personal user name from the last quiz. YOU MUST LOGIN FIRST!!!

3. Click on the link that says "Request Password". (The password will be e-mailed to you.) Give your first and last name as it appears on your registration materials and USE ONLY YOUR MARYGROVE COLLEGE E-MAIL FOR THIS PURPOSE. Requests from non-Marygrove e-mail accounts, or for which no name is given, will be denied.

3. You will receive an e-mail from the site. Click the link it gives you to go back to the website. Take the quiz and submit your answers.

If you have trouble, try consulting this sheet.


1. You MUST go through the password process YOURSELF in order for your score to be recorded.

2. This quiz has a 30 minute time limit.

3. The quiz may be taken only ONCE.

4. The quiz may be taken until 48 hours from when it opens.

5. Upon submitting your answers you will receive a grade. This may not necessarily reflect your final grade as the system does not take into account the answers to any essay items.


1. BEFORE you start the quiz, read the dialogue below and be ready to answer a relevance question about it.

1 Riley: There is no way you can convince me that it was ever a good idea to vote for Kwame Kilpatrick in 2001. He should never have been mayor!
2 Huey: Really? Not even the first time? At the time we did not know what he was going to do. We did not know he was going to have an affair with one of his chief staff members and use the city police to keep it quiet. There was also no way we possibly could have known about all the corruption allegations that were going to occur during the course of his time in office. During the race he looked like a real change from the usual recycled businessmen and lawyers that usually run for the job. You can’t blame people for wanting something different in their leaders, especially in Detroit.
3 Riley: No, no no. Look. None of that matters. Monica Conyers was the only one on City Council to vote no to asking him to resign and she was crooked too. They’re all in it together. The corruption in this city means you can’t trust anybody.
4 Huey: All that may be true, but at the time we did not know about Monica Conyers and the Synagro investigation. That didn’t come to light until 2009. The resignation vote was in 2008. None of that is relevant to the question of whether or not it made sense to vote for Kilpatrick in 2001.

2. BEFORE you start the quiz, put this argument in standard form on your own and try to figure out what famous form of argument it exhibits.

Someone should stay home if she's really sick. Jeanine is sick like that, so she should not be here today.


1. Complete the quiz password process ASAP and then take the quiz. Do not wait until the last minute.

2. Study FIRST, then take the quiz. Review all of the handouts, lecture notes, etc. that you have. Do not try to do the quiz while hunting the answers in your class materials. You will waste your limited time.

3. Take the quiz on a trustworthy computer with a good internet connection. If you do not have such a computer at home, take the quiz in the Marygrove library, or in any other public library with suitable facilities.

4. Take the quiz at a time and place free of any distractions. Shut down all programs on your computer that may produce distracting alerts, etc. while you are taking the quiz, and put your cell phone on a silent setting.

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