Phl 276 Quiz 2


1. Go to QUIZ 2 online

2. Login using the same personal user name from the last quiz.

3. Click on the link that says "Request Password". (The password will be e-mailed to you.) Give your first and last name as it appears on your registration materials and USE ONLY YOUR MARYGROVE COLLEGE E-MAIL FOR THIS PURPOSE. Requests from non-Marygrove e-mail accounts, or for which no name is given, will be denied.

3. You will receive an e-mail from the site. Click the link it gives you to go back to the website. Take the quiz and submit your answers.


1. You MUST go through the password process YOURSELF in order for your score to be recorded.

2. This quiz has a 25 minute time limit.

3. The quiz may be taken only ONCE.

4. There is a 24 hour window in which the quiz may be taken, beginning at 12:30 on Wednesday and lasting until 12:30 on Thursday. No password requests for the quiz will be granted after 12:00 noon on Thursday.

5. Upon submitting your answers you will receive a grade. This does not necessarily reflect your final grade as the system does not take into account the answers to the essay items. It reflects only the objective items.


1. Complete the quiz password process ASAP and then take the quiz. Do not wait until the last minute.

2. Study FIRST, then take the quiz. Review all of the handouts, lecture notes, etc. that you have. Do not try to do the quiz while hunting the answers in your class materials. You will waste your limited time.

3. Take the quiz on a trustworthy computer with a good internet connection. If you do not have such a computer at home, take the quiz in the Marygrove library, or in any other public library with suitable facilities.

4. Take the quiz at a time and place free of any distractions. Shut down all programs on your computer that may produce distracting alerts, etc. while you are taking the quiz, and put your cell phone on a silent setting.


You will need this dialogue in order to complete the last question on the quiz. Read this first! You may want to keep it open in a separate window or print it out so that you will have it for reference when you answer question 10.

Jake The car won’t start.
Elwood You have gas in the tank?
Jake Yep. Filled up last night on the way home.
Elwood Maybe the battery’s dead. Did you leave the lights on in the car when you came in last night?
Jake I was looking at the road map, and I did have the interior lights on. I can’t remember if I turned them off but I think I did.
Elwood When you turn it over, do you hear a clicking noise?
Jake Yeah.
Elwood That’s probably it then. You probably just forgot to turn off the interior light. I’ll go get my jumper cables.
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