Phl 276 Online Assignment 2


1. Use the handout and your notes to find an argument in an article or letter to the editor at one of the following sources:

New York Times Opinion Page

The Chicago Sun Times Editorial Page

The Detroit Free Press Opinion Page

Note: There are often multiple arguments in such articles. You need only find one.

2. Send an email to the instructor containing the URL of the article or letter to the editor you will be using before midnight on 23 Nov. 2011.

3. Print out your article.

4. In your course journal, prepare the argument for analysis by writing it out in standard form.

5. Diagram the argument in your course journal.

6. Evaluate the inference made from the premises to the conclusion. In your course journal write down the appropriate evaluation of the inference made in the argument and support your judgment: (e.g. I think the argument is _ because.)

7. Evaluate each of the premises of the argument. For each premise, write down in your course journal whether or not you think it is acceptable and why.

8. Bring your printout to the next class period for discussion. We will be using the work you have done on this assignment to help us move to the next section of material, so it is crucial that you come prepared!

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