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PHL 126-01


Fall 2011

Course Syllabus

Click here to download your course syllabus.


The syllabus contains all information pertinent to this class except for the readings and detailed course plan, which are maintained on this website (see below). The reason for this is to provide students with clearer information and easier access to the readings, assignments, and other media we will be using throughout the term in an intuitive, "user-friendly" format. A secondary purpose is to make cross-platform access to the practical, day-to-day information you will use possible (i.e. you can get to this stuff from any computer you use anywhere, or even from your smart phone, if you have one with the necessary supporting apps).

It is your responsibility to read the syllabus thoroughly and to be sure that you understand all of it's provisions. If you do not agree or believe that you cannot comply with any of the terms in the syllabus, you should withdraw from the course immediately.

Detailed Course Plan

The whole term is planned out on this calendar. Click on the entry for any day to see what readings and work are assigned for that day. If you have a gmail account you can incorporate the events on this calendar into your own rather easily.

Note also that the course plan as you see it below is subject to change! Check for updates frequently!

List of Readings and Other Media

We have no textbook in this class. Instead we will use electronically accessible journal articles and other media. Below is a listing of these items. Consult the detailed course plan for specific readings and assignments. Note that access to the journal articles comes via our library. Thus, if you have trouble accessing the articles the first place you should go for help is the reference desk at the library. Please be aware that computer problems of any kind will not excuse anyone from the responsibility to do the work of the class. Please plan ahead.

Weeks 1-2

The course will consist of workshops and lectures. Consult the detailed course plan for specifics.

Notes for Reading Philosophy

The Philosophical Toolbox

The Basics of Philosophical Argumentation

Week 3

Wilfrid Sellars: "Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man"

Weeks 4-5

Online Game: "Staying Alive", at the website of The Philosophers Magazine

Derek Parfit: "The Importance of Self-Identity"

Weeks 6-9

Robert Kane: "Responsibility, Luck and Chance"

Podcast: Radiolab: "Is Free Will Really Free?"

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Weeks 10-14

John Kekes: "The Informed Will and the Meaning of Life"

TED: Dan Gilbert: "Why Are We Happy?"

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Test questions and instructions will be posted below roughly a week or so before each test.

PHL 126-01 Fall 2011 Test One

PHL 126-01 Fall 2011 Test Two

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