Online Assignment For 25 February 2016

Required Viewing: Barry Schwartz, "Our Loss of Wisdom"

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Much of what Schwartz says would have been agreeable to ancient Greek followers of Plato and Aristotle. Consider his remarks—especially about how rules and incentives encourage mediocrity, and hamper wisdom and moral judgment carefully. Think about this video, and what you learned from the reading by Hannah Arendt about the role of the polis in Aristotle's ethics. What lessons might Marygrove College learn from Schwartz as it develops its urban leadership focus? What lessons might the city of Detroit learn? All things considered, do you agree with what Schwartz says? Why or why not?

Give careful reasoning all throughout this task and support your points using cogent arguments, try to go beyond just stating personal opinions.

Your answer should be 250-500 words in length. Give your own opinion, but try to base your answer on what you take to be the case from an objective point of view rather than on pop-psychology or personal narrative.

This assignment is due to the instructor by noon, tomorrow, February 25, 2016, via Marygrove email (ude.evorgyram|nosrettaps#ude.evorgyram|nosrettaps). Late assignments will not be accepted for any reason. This is a credit/no credit assignment. See the assignments section of the syllabus if you don't know or have forgotten what this means.

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