Exercise 8

Part I
For each of the arguments given below:
(1) Identify whether an argument has been given.
(a) If there is an argument put it in standard form and diagram it.
(b) If there is no argument, identify the type of non-argument it is.

1. If you ask me I think these people who talk on their cell phones while they drive are nuts. They aren't paying attention to where they're going or to the traffic around them, and they're more likely to get into accidents and kill people. It's just careless, that's my opinion. It is so insane. I conclude that these people ought to get tickets. They are endangering others.

2. The draft is the method by which professional football teams acquire players fresh from college football for the coming season.

3. I do not believe that a single shooter killed JFK. The mafia wanted him dead, the communists wanted him dead, and some people even think that the "military-industrial complex" wanted him dead too. One or more of these groups probably paid for the job, so it makes sense to think that whoever set the assassination up would have wanted to be sure it would work. To be sure, you need more than one man with a rifle.

4. Most racing cars are shaped so as to make maximal use of the flow of air around the car to hold it to the ground at high speeds. The result is that the air behind the car is disturbed in such a way that following cars can't enjoy the same flow.

5. If you think that aliens built the pyramids then you will believe anything. But of course you can't belief everything that comes down the pike. Therefore, you should not think that aliens constructed ancient monuments.

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