Exercise 7

Part I
For each of the arguments given below:
(a) Explain why it is not in standard form as written.
(b) Write the argument in standard form, correcting the mistakes you found.

1. If you ask me I think these people who talk on their cell phones while they drive are nuts. They aren't paying attention to where they're going or to the traffic around them, and they're more likely to get into accidents and kill people. It's just careless, that's my opinion. It is so insane. I conclude that these people ought to get tickets. They are endangering others.

2. (1) If you think that aliens built the pyramids
(2) then you will believe anything.
(3) Therefore, you should not think that aliens constructed ancient monuments.
(4) You do not believe just anything.

3. Conclusion: It is sometimes immoral to be honest. Premise: Sometimes you have to tell a lie to avoid hurting people's feelings. Premise: It is wrong to make people upset emotionally. Premise: I admit that it is sometimes important to tell people the truth even if it hurts them.

Part II
Write the argument you found for Exercise 6 in standard form. If you have determined that what you had for Exercise 6 was not an argument, find a new argument from one of the same sources and write it in standard form instead. If you do this you must print out the editorial from which you take your argument and staple it to the pages you turn in for this exercise.

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