Exercise 5

Instructions: Go to one of the opinion/editorial pages linked to in question 1, and select an article that you believe contains an argument. Print the article out and staple it to a separate page of your journal (you may have to fold it, that's okay) on which you answer the following questions about your argument.

1. Use the handout and your notes to find an argument at one of the following sources:

New York Times Opinion Page

The Chicago Sun Times Editorial Page

The Detroit Free Press Opinion Page

Write the argument down, leaving out the bits of text you think are irrelevant.

2. What is the conclusion of the argument you found (i.e., what is it's main point)?

3. Using the handout and your notes from class, say what evidence you have the author of the argument is making an argument for this conclusion.

4. What seem to you to be the main reasons the author gives for the conclusion (i.e. main point) of his argument?

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