Exercise 1

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: In order to receive credit you MUST answer or at least substantially attempt to answer ALL items. Know that handwritten exercises will not be accepted, and that all pages must be STAPLED together.

Part I
Answer each of the items given in complete sentences of English.

1. Give an example of the use/mention distinction using the word 'health' in a pair of sentences, one of which uses the word, and the other of which mentions it.

2. Give an explanation of both the denotation and some connotations of the word 'terrorist'.

3. Demonstrate the concepts of extension and intension by giving both for the word 'automobile'.

4. Give and explain one example each of:
(a) a word which is vague
(b) a word which is ambiguous
(c) a word which is both vague and ambiguous

Part II
Each of the following items is either positively emotionally charged (+), negatively emotionally charged (-). Say which it is, then write a neutral version of the same sentence.


Hilary Clinton is a real witch.

Your Answer:

Hilary Clinton is a real witch (-)
Hilary Clinton is assertive about what she believes.(0)

5. The Colts are an overrated bunch of prima donnas.

6. Tony has a passion for eating a great deal of all kinds of food.

7. Blanche is a pig-headed demagogue.

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