Assignment For Missed Class Of 4 October 2012

Here is one version of Descartes' argument for God's existence as presented in the Third Meditation:

P1. Descartes has a clear and distinct idea of an omnibenevolent, omniscient and omnipotent God.

P2. This idea of God could not have come from anything but God Himself.

P3. Every effect has a cause which is equally real with itself.

P4. It follows that there must actually be a God who is the cause of the clear and distinct idea of God in Descartes' mind.

C5. THEREFORE, God necessarily exists.

Your assignment is to evaluate this argument using the flow chart we have been using in class for such tasks.1 Bonus points for diagrammin' right. You are to write your full evaluation up, print or type it, and bring it to class for discussion at our next meeting. This does NOT replace our planned assignment. You are still responsible for that too.

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